The Chip Shot Podcast

Women in Science

March 29, 2019

Welcome back to The Chip Shot Podcast! Today's guest, Cara Bartek talks about the importance of education, her love for science, and she gives us a little sneak peek about her upcoming book. 

If you would like to buy one of her books, click the link below for more info!

A little bit more about Cara:

"My name is Cara and I love science! More importantly, I love helping kids develop a passion and understanding for science. This world is a big, scary, and confusing place sometimes and it gets even bigger and scarier as we grow up. The good news is we can rely on some seriously important things to help us through like our faith and family and friends and EDUCATION! Education is important! It helps open the door to opportunities and worlds that we may not otherwise experience. It actually makes the world a bigger place! But we have to feed our education, and we do that by scratching our curiosity. Curiosity is the key that helps our brain and our hearts grow..."

Thank you for listening!